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This is neither an exclusively Yuzuru blog nor an exclusively Kpop blog. This is primarily a figure skating blog. However, it is named after one of my favorite skaters, Yuzuru Hanyu, because although I’ve been watching figure skating for >15 years, I was inspired to create a figure skating blog only after watching Yuzuru Hanyu skate. I am also a huge fan of Mao Asada and many of the other skaters on (and previously on) Team Japan. I’ve also been a fan of MANY other figure skaters from many other countries over the years. So what does that have to do with kpop? It doesn’t. But I am also a huge EXO/Kpop fan, so over time, I have acquired a large collection of Kpop reaction gifs, which help me express myself on tumblr. I tend to use Kpop gifs specifically because I personally find them pleasant to look at and quite expressive.
(9/21/2014) Finally updated my theme! Hope you guys like it. =)

OMG I found a new Pairs / Ice Dance couple for Team Japan!!!

I shall call them HanSong. (or maybe NanYu?).

They win the OTP of the Week Award!!!

No word yet on how Javi is taking the news…


Nvmd… he seems to be doing just fine…

Video credit: Here (3:45)

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